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An epic series of magic, power and the ultimate battle between good and evil

Book 3. The Dark That Binds

LOD - Book 3 - medium.jpg

Forced through a portal, Petrah finds himself in a place he never wanted to go – home. The land of Dagoth is ruled by his brother, Aman, and he has been waiting a long time for Petrah to return to fulfill his destiny.


Petrah failed to destroy the portal, and he and his friends find themselves trapped. Stranded in a wasteland, they struggle to survive while avoiding being captured by Aman and his soldiers. Though Petrah has no memory of his brother, he knows they share a father – the God of Darkness. They will both play a part in a prophecy that could destroy the world, if Petrah cannot stop him first.


As he searches for a way out, Petrah knows soon he will have to face his brother, but can he defeat him? Aman has been working with the dark arts a lot longer than Petrah and he is completely ruthless.


If Petrah hopes to defeat him, he must tap into his own darkness. But if he gives into the darkness, can he find his way back to the light?


Discover the outcome of their perilous struggle in this thrilling third installment of THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS series.

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