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An epic series of magic, power and the ultimate battle between good and evil

Book 8. The Dark That Rules

LOD - Book 8 - medium.jpg

War has come to Acia and Petrah faces his greatest battle yet. As he defends the city against his brother’s army, will Petrah have the strength to defeat him?


As Aman’s forces draw near, Petrah watches over his friend Ajoon, who has been poisoned by assassins. Though he is needed in the coming battle, Petrah finds himself overwhelmed with the desire for revenge. Turning on his old masters, he kills them for their part in her attack, and himself in the process, before being reborn once more. A demi-god has no fear of death and Petrah is the son of the God of Darkness.


Petrah returns, ready for war, confident he can defeat Aman. Enjoying a brief interlude, he marries his love Mina, before Aman and his forces arrive. Using everything they have, Petrah and his friends do their best to protect their people from Aman.


With so much at stake, Petrah is determined to stop his brother once and for all, but his own hubris could be his undoing. Does he have what it takes? Or will fate deal him another brutal blow?


Find out if Petrah can overcome his dark destiny in this nail-biting eighth installment of THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS series.

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