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Boxed Sets

Dragons & Magic (boxed set) Revised.png

Fire and magic collide in this epic volume of fire-breathing dragons and spell-wielding sorcerers

The Alien Within (boxed set).png

Shed the comfort of your human skin to see the world through alien eyes

Human 2.0.png

Blur the line between human and machine in this story collection of our future selves

Modern Magic (boxed set).png

Enter the perilous domain of the modern world, where magic decides life and death

Space & Time (boxed set).png

Travel to distant worlds or travel back in time—you have the power

Miscreants & Mayhem (boxed set).png

Trouble brews in this sci-fi collection of the good, the bad and the oh-so ugly

Robot Dreams (boxed set).png

Machines rule the day in a future filled with robots, androids and A.I. overlords

Alien Worlds.png

Explore a universe filled with mystery, wonder and danger beyond your wildest dreams

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