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An epic series of magic, power and the ultimate battle between good and evil

Book 6. The Dark That Burns

LOD - Book 6 - medium.jpg

With Aman’s arrival in Acia, Petrah must seek out an army to stop his brother before he destroys the world.


Reunited with his friend, Ajoon, Petrah meets with the Queen of the Northern Kingdom to discuss their battle plan. When secrets are revealed about him, the Queen loses faith in his plan unless he proves himself.


As he works with Ajoon to master his teleportation ability, he receives word that Aman has kidnapped his love Mina in a bid to draw him out.


Against Ajoon's wishes, he goes after her, leading to a deadly confrontation.


Can they make it out of the lion’s den alive?


Discover the answer in this mind-bending sixth installment of THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS series.

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