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An epic series of magic, power and the ultimate battle between good and evil

Book 5. The Dark That Defies

LOD - Book 5 - medium.jpg

As Petrah continues his dark arts training, he discovers a secret buried in his own mind. A power that could destroy the gods themselves.


Petrah continues on his journey, knowing that he is running out of time. Events have already been set in motion and soon his brother, Aman will cross into Acia.


Though he has made a new ally in the Queen of the Northern Kingdom, he will need to train harder than ever before.


Venturing to the hidden city of Kushan, Petrah walks straight into a trap. Imprisoned there, he finally learns why his father wants him.


Petrah holds enormous power, locked away in his mind. The power to destroy. As his enemy attempts to rip his secret from his mind, Petrah knows that to unleash the power will have devastating consequences. But if he doesn’t try, he could become a slave once more.


Find out what happens next in this riveting fifth installment of THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS series.

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