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An epic series of magic, power and the ultimate battle between good and evil

Book 1. The Dark That Begins

LOD - Book 1 - medium.jpg

For a mage apprentice at Maseah, the rules are clear: learn, excel, and never – never – turn your back on your enemy.


With no memory of his childhood, fifteen-year-old Petrah has only known slavery in the vicious desert nation of Terjurmeh. Until a daring escape offers freedom and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a mage apprentice.

However, the path to magehood is fraught with danger.

Petrah’s rise in prominence at Maseah threatens a rival student’s supremacy. Miko has killed before. He’ll kill again.

Can Petrah survive Miko’s wrath to uncover his true destiny?

A stunning epic fantasy for young adult readers who love books like Shadow and Bone, The Name of the Wind, The Way of Kings, and The Lord of the Rings.


THE DARK THAT BEGINS is the first book in THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS series from award-winning author, Steve Pantazis. The powers of light and dark battle for domination, and war will decide the fate of the world and the gods themselves. Discover who will reign supreme in this unforgettable series.

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