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Epic fantasy: A mage apprentice must overcome a doomed prophecy to stop his brother from conquering the world and slaughtering the people he loves


Fate is a fickle beast, and for Petrah of Acia, fate is not on his side.

A prophecy has foretold the end of the world at the hand of the Son of Darkness. His name is Aman, heralded as the Great One by the priests who follow the dark god. Petrah has seen the Great One in his visions, first as a slave and then as a mage apprentice. Through these revelations, Petrah has sought the mystery to his own identity, lost since childhood. Visited by the enigmatic Watcher, an agent of the dark god, Petrah learns the terrible truth: he, too, is a Son of Darkness, and he’s destined to play a pivotal role in Aman’s war against the followers of the God of Light.

Across a portal lies a dying land where Aman is marshaling a massive army, an army he will bring to Acia to crush his enemies and usher in a reign of terror. The only way Petrah can change his fate and save the woman and people he loves is to stop Aman from crossing over. The Watcher tricks him into bridging the boundary between worlds and falling right into the jaws of Aman and his army. Trapped and infinitely outmatched, Petrah must destroy his brother or perish. To do so, he must draw upon his own power to bind the darkness within.

THE DARK THAT BINDS is the third book slated for the LIGHT OF DARKNESS trilogy. The series escalates the stakes for Petrah, who is caught in the middle of the ultimate battle between good and evil, bound by his worst enemy--fate itself.


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