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Watercolor Map of Acia


This is the original map of Acia that I made in 1993. I used watercolors to invoke a feel for the different terrains across the continent, blending desert with forest and mountains. The map served as the inspiration for my fully interactive digital map that I created in 2007. The watercolor map precedes the novels, which introduced geographic constraints for how the different cultures of Acia would traverse the landscapes and interact. The fact the waterways of Terjurmeh, Meerjurmeh and Korin don't connect adds to the logistical challenges faced in the novels. I had no idea how much this small detail would impact the shaping of the conflict in my story, but it certainly has uppded the ante with how the different peoples converge for alliance and warfare, particularly in the second and third novels. I am proud of this cartographic creation and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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