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BLACKOUT is set in the same universe as GODNET. The novel is complete, but not yet published (publish date TBD). What I love about BLACKOUT is my rock star protagonist, Kyra Lang, a self-made entrepreneur in the "disposal" business. In other words, she's an assassin. But not any kind of assassin. One with a moral compass (yes, it's possible!), where she abides by a code: no women, no children, just bad guys. If you don't think there's enough bad guys to go around, guess again. I have plans for Kyra. In other words, her ass-kicking, Atomic Blonde persona is slated for other books, where she will exact justice on the worst villains of society . 



Fast-paced science fiction thriller: An assassin must stop a terrorist from using a superweapon in order to save the lives of millions


Former Church assassin Kyra Lang vowed never to pick up a gun again after a botched job cost the life of a child. Unwilling to return to her former line of work, but desperate to find the money to help a friend’s daughter receive a much-needed operation, she takes on a transporter job from a notorious hacker to deliver a package via dead drop. It turns into a deadly ambush, leaving the hacker and two security guards dead, along with Kyra seriously injured.


The package—a Blackout weapon capable of taking down the entire Mindnet, the augmented reality network used by billions—is now in the hands of Mr. Night, the ruthless head of the Irongate hacking syndicate. Mr. Night has a problem. He’s discovered the decryption key for the weapon is still in Kyra Lang’s possession. He unleashes a hit team to hunt Kyra down to take the key and her life.


Abandoned by her handler at the Church, and utterly on her own, Kyra is forced to use the same deadly talents she’d hoped to leave behind. Her one chance to destroy the weapon is to use herself as bait to lure Mr. Night out into the open. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to save the lives of the people she cares about, even if it costs her own. As Mr. Night will soon find out, no one is more dangerous than a cornered Kyra Lang.

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