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GODNET is complete, but not yet published (publish date TBD). What I love about the world I created is that it's set 40 years in the future, in a vastly transformed United States of America. I extrapolated the potential of this future by looking 40 years into the past, and asking myself, "In what areas have significant global changes occurred between then and now?" The answer: technology, medical science, communication, and politics. I used that knowledge to create a future where we take the Internet to the next level (i.e. the Mindnet, the network for the mind), reach our technological singularity (my idea of a godlike strong AI), and vastly change the political theater by creating theocratic states across the world, backed by the Church of Unification, the dominant religious authority of the time, which also happens to be in cahoots with my God AI. In other words, the technology creates both an exciting and frightening future. With Big Brother watching today, omnipresent surveillance, and social status changes, such as the social scoring done in China, that future really is now. In my novel, it's sometimes subtle, sometimes overt. Add to this our God AI, the fact you're always "connected," and the theocratic oversight of the Church, it appears people have no freedom in their lives. Yet life goes on, as it always has, with the majority of first-world nations assimilated into this transformative future. For a minority of the population--specifically, my band of rebels--this future is unacceptable. That's where the story gets interesting. That's where it gets real and puts you in the passenger seat, strapped in for a wild ride, seen through the eyes of my protagonist, Mark Nelson. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and brace yourself for your trip into the future of humanity.





Near-future science fiction thriller: A scientist must help a resistance movement stop a godlike artificial superintelligence from enslaving the human race


​After a mishap in human hibernation thrusts Dr. Mark Nelson forty years into the future, the inventor of the Mindnet finds himself the most wanted man on the planet. He alone possesses knowledge of the underpinnings of the augmented reality network connecting billions—and its undoing. Nelson becomes a high-value target for the all-powerful Church, whose symbiotic relationship with an artificial superintelligence posing as God keeps the faithful masses in check. His only hope lies with Freemanity, a resistance organization dedicated to eradicating the Church’s stranglehold on the world. In exchange for protection, Nelson agrees to help Freemanity destroy the artificial God at the seat of the Church’s power. Nelson believes he’s found a weakness, but it also means he and his small band of rebels must attempt an impossible strike against the fortified nerve center of Mindnet operations. It’s a suicide mission. But if Nelson ever wants to see his family again, he will do whatever it takes…or die trying.

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