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Welcome to Steve's shorter side of fiction: flash, short stories, novelettes and novellas. Please enjoy!

Gods of War - Part 2, a novella
"Gods of War" (Part 2 of 2)

Jedidiah Martin and his band of mech warriors face off against the ultimate enemy.

Gods of War - Part 1, a novella
"Gods of War" (Part 1 of 2)

The survivors of the A.I. apocalypse that destroyed America discover a new machine threat.

Switch, a novelette (audiobook)
"Switch" (StarShipSofa Audio Episodes)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Listen to the delightful audio version: Part 1 and Part 2

Switch, a novelette (German translation)
"Switch" (German translation)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first story translated into a foreign language. I consider it an homage to Mrs. Fisher, the kind German lady who encouraged me to expand my horizons and study German as a young man. 

The Old Man and the Sea Siren, a short story
The Daughter You've Always Wanted, a short story
"The Old Man and the Sea Siren"

An old fisherman must sway a temptress to help him save his son's life.

AUHTOR'S NOTE: This story is part of the Undercurrents anthology, a collection of stories exploring the watery depths of our imagination.

"The Daughter You've Always Wanted"

An unborn alien shares a special bond with her mother.

It's Only Skin Deep, Darling, a short story
"It's Only Skin Deep, Darling"

An alien superstar singer strives to express her inner human.

Writer's Digest Award Winning Stry
The Devil Walks Into a Bar, a short story
“The Devil Walks Into a Bar”

A lowly angel is sent to commence the Apocalypse with the help of the Devil over drinks at a bar.

Out of Print, a short story
"Out of Print"

A 3D-printed robot fights its maker’s desire to create the world’s first serial killer robot.

Switch, a novelette

A homicide detective addicted to a high-tech drug must risk his career to stop a kingpin dealer.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is part of the Writers of the Future anthology, volume 31. It was my first professional sale.

Exciting and engrossing.

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Fans of SF anthologies would be well advised to seek this one out.


Verdict: Speculative fiction fans will welcome this showcase of new talent and should not be surprised to see more work by many of these names in years to come.

Library Journal, Starred Review

Writers of the Future Contest Winner
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