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An epic series of magic, power and the ultimate battle between good and evil

Prequel. The Dark That Ignites

LOD - Book 0 - medium.jpg

Miko craves power and he believes the only way to get it is to become a mage. But his decision will set him on a dark path, one he may not be able to come back from.


Miko is determined to become a mage, to one day be a leader among men, and a true warrior. To do that, however, he will have to face off against Deven, a fellow student, and rival. Vying for the attention of the same girl, their once friendly competition quickly turns into a fierce rivalry.


But there can only be one master of the dark arts and young Miko won’t give up easily. Pushed to his limits, he is forced to use his newfound ability to defend himself, with devastating consequences.


His fate seemingly sealed, will Miko be punished for his crimes? Or has destiny got other plans for him?

This is the prequel to THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS series. It is a standalone novel that takes place before Book 1, The Dark That Begins.

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